Family wellness programs

Family wellness programs, you say? Yes! This is a trend that isn’t necessarily on the workplace wellness trends radar of many companies yet, but it may very well get there this year. 

Family wellness is especially relevant now with a lot of parents working from home and schools and daycares being closed for longer periods of time in a lot of countries. 

Apart from Covid-related challenges, a person’s family tends to have a big impact on their health and wellness. Research shows for instance that 67% of men were likely to become more active if their partner also became active. 

In other words, if an employee’s home life is healthy, happy, supportive, etc. this will positively affect their work-life (and vice versa). As an added bonus, extending wellness benefits to your employees’ families shows them that you care about their well-being beyond the walls of the office. 

What does including family in wellness programs look like? 

Here are some of the things you can do to include family members in your employee wellness program

  • Help with childcare arrangements. For instance, a childcare referral program.
  • Allowing flexible working arrangements. If an employee is homeschooling their kid during the day, let them do their work in the evenings or early mornings, or split their working time, for example.
  • Add family-friendly challenges. Think of decreasing the amount of waste the family gathers or organizing family game nights.  
  • Organize (online) events for families and their kids. At Spotify, for example, they organize kids’ music experiences for their employees’ kids every two weeks.
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