If you are feeling sick, stuck or tired most of the days and think life is a drag and don’t enjoy it, then coaching can be right for you. Coaching can aid you to become the person you want to be so you enjoy good health and your days are productive. As a coach I can help you make healthier choices in life and work hand in hand with you in your wellness journey.

This would be a 20-minute FREE call the coach gives you to see your needs and fitment for getting coached. Book NOW and take the first step to perpetual health.

The first session will begin with a set of formalities. You would be presented with a WELCOME KIT having a CLIENT AGREEMENT (that would give clarity on what COACHING is all about, the scope of a coach and the limitations, if any, the responsibilities of the coach and you as the client, the confidentiality of the client’s information etc.) , an intake form, some questionnaire or assessment forms to fill in your medical history. You would be required to fill and sign the above documents. After the formalities are over, the initial coaching session will be formally begun or scheduled for a later date.

A typical session would last anywhere between 45 to 50 minutes, done via Phone call, WhatsApp video or Skype video as per the preference of the client.

Apart from building trust and rapport, which would happen during the course of the coaching period, each session would end with the client and the coach co-creating SMART goals and creating action items for the same. If needed, handouts like posters, stickers or worksheets would be given as a tool to help the client accomplish the set goal.

You would be following the actions and SMART goals. To check on the same, the coach will be making some follow-ups to see if you are on track.

The entire amount of the coaching session package has to be paid up-front. If the client wishes to terminate the coaching agreement for any reason, the client has to forego the amount paid for the rest of the sessions in the coaching period. But if the coach decides to terminate the coaching agreement for any inevitable reasons, the money left for remaining sessions would be refunded to the client.

Via the integrated payment in the website

The coach and the client will review the goals set in the previous session and review the success of the same. If any challenges are found to reach the goal, the coach might rework a strategy with the client with a new timeline. If earlier goals are met with success, new goals would be created to put the client closer to her overall wellness goals.

Health Coaching helps in addressing and bridging gaps in the areas of wellness in the life of an employee and also helps to improve their overall wellness and thereby benefiting the organization with improved productivity and lowering absenteeism that can help cut down the costs on health insurance.

There is a proverb that says ‘’It takes a society to raise a child” and I think it can’t be far from the truth. But what if the immediate community they live in is far from healthy? It would undo the efforts of the family as there could be friends who may have unhealthy eating habits and can undesirably influence the child into eating wrong foods. This can be addressed if the community comes together by engaging a wellness coach who can work with kids on a regular basis to get them into a healthy pattern of eating and transform their lives for better, so they grow up to be healthy adults together.

With obesity rates increasing rapidly among the millennials, it poses a grave concern for parents and schools alike as they struggle to find a balance between providing healthy as well as tasty food. A child having good healthy food habits is bound to stay healthy all through his life. As a nutrition counselor, I can help in giving fun and entertaining workshops in cooking and nutrition for kids that will help establish a positive relationship with food and help them appreciate it in its natural and pure form.

Book a free seminar or an interactive workshop that I can offer to your organization by writing to me in detail.

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