Stress Management/Resilience

While stress management could be categorized as a mental health-related benefit, we believe it deserves its own spot on this year’s list of workplace wellness trends. 

Sadly, workplace stress has been something many employees were already familiar with before the pandemic. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of employees say they are stressed all or most of the time at work.    

As for the effects of workplace stress on people’s health and eventually their work, a report from Ginger found that 81% of workers said that symptoms range from fatigue and anxiety to physical ailments causing them to miss work.  

With the arrival of Covid-19, stress levels have reached unprecedented levels which is probably why no less than 81% of companies are planning to invest more in stress management and resilience this year.

Since stress can cause many health issues, both mentally as well as physically, it makes total sense for organizations to offer this type of benefit to their employees. 

What do stress management and resilience benefits look like? 

Examples of what companies can do to help their employees better cope with stress and increase their resilience include:

  • Offering them stress management training. LinkedIn, for example, created six new courses on topics like enhancing resilience and dealing with grief and loss. 
  • A digital helpdesk for stressed employees 
  • A guided meditation platform like Headspace
  • A voice analysis app to monitor employee stress such as Nemesyco 
  • Offer dedicated resilience training
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