The Ultimate Guide to Health Coaching

Health Coaching

"is the practice of health education and health promotion, within a coaching context to enhance the well being of individuals and to facilitate the achievement of their health related goals."

Why do you need a

Health and Wellness Coach?

A Health or Wellness Coach can assist individuals to voluntarily make choices that improve their health and productivity. They can focus on prevention and intervention of certain conditions that can benefit the individual at multiple levels. A dedicated health and wellness coach will help you take responsibility for your own health and wellness, whichever stage of life you may be in and make you accountable for your own success by establishing small health and wellness goals.

The coach can help prevent health conditions, delay the progress of certain acute conditions, help stop the recurrence of certain health conditions and also help manage the intensity of debilitating diseases by bringing in the change in mindset, altering diet and lifestyle and thereby bringing in lasting behavioural changes ultimately transforming the individual.

The health of an individual can be drastically improved by the help of engaging a wellness coach who would have regular weekly calls to empower and educate the client and work hand in hand with them to reach their goals with doable methods. The coach can also use other alternative therapies (if trained or certified in them) like yoga or “Pranic Healing” or say “Aromatherapy” to aid in the healing process of the client, with the client’s consent.

The Coach helps you envisage a better you and helps in the journey of your transformation to a NEW YOU!

Ways a Health Coach can Help you


Bring Behaviour Changes


Cultivate Healthy Habits


Sleep Better through the Night


Manage Chronic Pain


Be Your Accountability Partner


Help in Consistent Weight Loss


Guide You To Eat Better


Listen Actively Without Judging


Motivate You to move Joyfully

Book Your Consultation

We’ll get to know you, what you’re struggling with, and what goals you’d like to achieve.

Meet Your Personal Coach

Partner with a dietitian to establish an ongoing plan to reach your goals with their support, direction and guidance.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Stay accountable with follow-up coaching sessions and a collection of tools to make your goals a reality.


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