Corporate or Workplace Wellness

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) , Workplace Wellness is defined as

Employer expenditures on programs, services, activities, and equipment aimed at improving their employees’ health and wellness.”

Gone are the days when a plush pay-check was enough to retain an employee in the workforce. Post Globalization, companies wooed people with other incentives, excellent work spaces, flexible working hours, telecommuting etc. But that didn’t give them what they were seeking… a balance in work and life, an opportunity to be and have the best in all spheres of their life.

Fast forward to the post pandemic world and we have a shifting work dynamics, where remote or hybrid working has become the new NORMAL. Employees are given a choice to resume working at the office or choose a more flexible model that helps them to balance work and life.

With priorities all sorted out, Gen Z or Gen X, are looking to live a fulfilled life by going the extra mile in taking care of their overall well-being. They would join and stay in an organization that appeals to their senses, creativity and lifestyle more than a good paycheck.

Given the paradigm shift, it makes sense for companies to position themselves well by offering the intangible benefits like wellness programs; healthy food offerings in the cafeteria, time bound breaks, yearly retreats, fun-filled activities. Childcare within the office premises, breast-feeding breaks, etc. that can go a long way in helping employees balance their work life with that of their personal lives.

At Antarveda we have you covered most of these aspects. By liaising with the HR and the management we can get a peek into the current health quotient of the organization and find the gaps so we can fill them effectively and efficiently to take them towards a collective vision for the welfare of the employees.

Our Signature Programs



Every third person in India is Obese or Overweight, making themselves vulnerable to various other conditions to such as Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, PCOS etc. 

Considering this fact we have designed our programs to help them embrace a diet and lifestyle that would optimally support their journey from being unhealthy to health and fit person so they can feel good inside out! Cut the extra flab to feel fab(ulous).


Human beings are creatures, Creatures of habits. And habits form early during our childhood. We tend to follow what our parents ate, cook the same things, eat the same way and live the same way! When the doctors say it is genetic, it just means we have proudly acquired the same lifestyle from our parents and hence have run into the same trouble! It takes a conscious mind to understand this menace and take some action. Several researches say that by changing our lifestyle we can change our conditions, and sometime reverse them too.

Healing Habits does that for you. Helps you to unlearn unhealthy habits and embrace the new ones to be truly “Transformed”!


Eating is a process that gives us ample satisfaction to all of us. A joyful stomach is important for a healthy body. Merely dumping some food into our stomach due to boredom, peer pressure or social compulsion, does not bode well for our body. It needs the right food at the right time, when we are truly hungry.

In the Mindful Eating Challenge, we orient the participants to do things mindfully, with full awareness of what they are doing in relation to food, right from sourcing raw materials to the level of understanding the whole concept of mindful eating.


Toxicity in workplace can affect the employees, increase stress levels and impact the quality of their work. Toxic culture normally trickles down from the top, having a cascading effect all leaders in the hierarchy who subsequently pass it on to their teams. It can emanate from nosey colleagues, pushy bosses, non-cooperative subordinates, long work hours, unreasonable targets etc. 

We provide coaching for the leaders within the organization to become better leaders with empathy, trust and transparency so that there is improvement in the overall morale of the employees, resulting in improved quality of deliverables and increased productivity. We also provide holistic workplace detox solutions tailored unique to the organizational needs.

If you need our Detox services, please message us.


Some of our Challenges

21- day Detox Challenge

14-days Mindful Eating Challenge

7 – day Healthy Eating Challenge

Use our Curated Programs and help your Organization Retain the Best of Talent Today.

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