Food as Medicine

Our ancestors ate a wide variety of food, sometimes raw and sometimes cooked based on geographical and seasonal availability. Further, since many had an inherent knowledge of Ayurveda and knew the prakriti (natural property or behavior) of each food, they cooked and ate well for soulful nourishment of the whole human being and not going by nutrient or calorie count.

In modern days, we lack this vital knowledge and tend to live a life on the fast track and lack time to cook or eat the right food. With practice, one can efficiently manage their time and be able to eat the right way, if we have some will to change the status quo.

Cooking is not just a science and but an art too and one has to cook with the involvement of the body, mind and soul to have a nourishing and delectable output. Spending an hour for our own nourishment in a day of 24 hours seems certainly doable if we truly seek good health. The trick is in planning in advance. If the mere thought entering your kitchen is dreadful, it is time to spruce it and spice it up so you look forward to cooking in your own space.

At Antarveda we can help you improve the health quotient of your kitchen giving a makeover to it so you spend less time in the kitchen and still enjoy your time cooking mindfully to nourish your dear and near ones.

We can aid you with proper menu planning, grocery shopping and sourcing suggestions along with providing tasty and nourishing recipes. Enquire NOW for the same.

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