What is Dis-ease? Can we Ever be Disease Proof?

Disease is a state where the body is not in ‘ease’.

When the body, mind or soul is not happy and not functioning optimally, we get dis-ease that is nothing but accumulation of negative or toxic thoughts, feelings, emotions and foreign particles in our system. Our internal environment of the body is integral in such a situation.

When your body has good immunity to resist the effects of pollutants, it can be naturally healthy if you have fed it the right food, right thoughts and right emotions that ensure a natural state of wellness.

In spite of what happens around us, we can be in control of WHAT HAPPENS TO US if we watch the kind of food we eat, the kind of friends and books and people who surround us thereby letting only good things into our mind.

We have methods and techniques to coach you into getting into good eating habits, by giving you the right information that you can apply in any situation whether being in a family function or an official get together or while traveling.

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! Make the most of it!

Keywords – disease, we are what we eat, good eating habits

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