Put simply, telehealth is the delivery of health care, health education, and health information services via remote technologies. This includes, among other things, remote patient-clinician contact, care, advice, monitoring, and remote admissions.   

This is another one of those workplace wellness trends that doesn’t come as a surprise. According to the same Wellable report, 87% of employers – including 90% of small companies – plan to invest more in telehealth this year. 

With the pandemic still around in many countries, telehealth can be a great solution for both health care providers and patients. Instead of having to wear a mask, social distancing rules and travel limitations to take into account, and constant hand sanitizing, people can simply make a virtual appointment with their health care provider.   

What do telehealth benefits look like? 

Again, there are various options here too, but this is what offering telehealth benefits can look like:

  • When you offer telehealth services to your employees, they have 24/7 access to everything they need to stay informed about their health.
  • They can make virtual appointments with their doctor at a time that suits them and their busy lives;
  • As well as get answers to their health queries out of hours when their physical health center is closed.
  • Citigroup, Bank of America, and other banks are examples of organizations that are already pushing telehealth options.
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